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The Revelation

by Philip C. Jones

Jeff Bronson glanced at his watch and wondered when the pastor would be done with his Sunday morning message. It was already past noon and he didn't want to miss the opening kickoff of his afternoon TV football game. The only thing keeping Jeff from yawning and falling asleep was the woman sitting in the pew across the aisle. Michelle Holloway was her name and she was beautiful. During the service she looked at Jeff and smiled. He planned to ask her to lunch after church.

You’d think Jeff wouldn’t lack any confidence asking Michelle to lunch. He was tall, striking and would graduate in two weeks with a master’s degree in engineering, but that was the one thing he did lack, confidence. But today he was determined to overcome his lack of confidence and invite Michelle to lunch.

When church was over and the people began walking to their cars, Jeff recognized his opportunity because Michelle was through talking to her friends and he had plenty of time to intercept her before she reached her car. He began walking toward her, but something went wrong. Familiar thoughts and feelings of inferiority began bombarding his mind, causing him to slow down, hesitate and come to a stop. He watched her get into her car and drive off, disappearing in the afternoon traffic.

While going home to his apartment, Jeff managed to put Michelle out of his mind and began thinking about the church. Why did he dread going to church? He knew if it wasn’t for Michelle’s presence, he'd have left the church long ago. Was he the only Christian that felt so dissatisfied and bored with church or were there others feeling the same way? Outwardly the church seemed okay. The pastor’s message was never out of line, always based on the scriptures. He had a large, successful choir. The people seemed friendly enough and had a very giving spirit, for the church had a food and clothing ministry to the poor. The pastor was even talking about planting churches overseas, but to Jeff there seemed to be something missing in the church. Something that would inspire him and other discontented souls to want to go to church. What was missing?

When Jeff got home, he made himself lunch and turned on the television. His football game wasn't on yet and he began flipping through the channels. A program arrested his attention. Walking vigorously back and forth in front of a large congregation, a pastor was preaching that most churches were dead. Dead? Jeff’s church dead? Jeff was offended, but he decided to listen some more to the man’s profound message.

The pastor proclaimed, “The majority of churches have an intellectual knowledge of the scripture promises in the Bible, but little or no revelation knowledge of the promises to produce world overcoming faith and supernatural power for miracles, signs and wonders. Both head and heart knowledge are required to walk in great faith and the supernatural power of God. Head knowledge is not enough, it must be balanced with revelation heart knowledge. Therefore, pastors must encourage their flock to meditate (mutter, speak, ponder, think on, contemplate, muse, consider, heed) those scripture promises that tell them who they are in Christ and what their inheritance is in Christ so those scripture promises can drop down into their hearts and become a revelation to them. For it is only by a revelation of God’s promises that we partake of God’s nature as written in 2 Peter 1:4. Pastors should also teach their people the importance of meditating on those scripture promises that tell them Christ redeemed them from the curse of the law, so the blessing of Abraham might come on them. Satan wants to keep the Church broke and defeated, hindering the Gospel message from spreading. It takes money to fulfill God’s Great Commission to reach the world with the Gospel. That’s why, as I speak, God is allowing the end time prophetic word on wealth transfer to be fulfilled as written in Proverbs 13:22: 'The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.'

The people in the church must turn from all sin and live holy lives if they want to walk in the supernatural power of God. Until their old sinful man is crucified, put to death, according to Romans 6:6-7, Christ cannot live through them in fullness. They must also be encouraged according to Matthew 5:6 to hunger and thirst after righteousness and greatly desire the baptism of God’s power, fire and love. For unless a church has a hunger and thirst for the things of God and a revelation that God has given the Church all power and authority over the enemy to do the mighty works of God, it will be just another church going through the motions, having plenty of activity, but no power. Dead on the vine. With no power there is no revival, for the key to revival is the manifestation of God‘s supernatural power to convict people of sin and to create an atmosphere for miracles. First revival, then the harvest of souls. Rest assured, God will have his worldwide revival that will reap in a great harvest of souls before the soon Rapture of the Church.”

As the pastor continued to preach his anointed message, something happened. The Holy Ghost fire of God fell on the entire congregation. People who had been in wheel chairs started getting up and walking. One blind man received his sight and started yelling, “I can see! I can see!” Miracles were taking place all over the sanctuary. Missing limbs were growing out. People were being baptized in the power, fire and love of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The fire of God was cleansing the people of carnal thoughts and wrong motives and giving them a holy boldness and a love and burning desire to see souls saved, healed and delivered. One man began running up and down the aisles because he couldn’t sit still with the fire of God burning away the carnal things of his flesh. Seeing this mighty outpouring of God’s grace on the people, the pastor said to the congregation, “People, receive this mighty outpouring of God’s fire. Receive your healing. Receive your deliverance from any bondage of sin. Whether it be drugs, alcohol or illicit sex. The presence of God is here to set you free and baptize you in the power, fire and love of the Holy Ghost. And all you watching at home from your televisions and the internet, there is no distance in the spirit. Lift up your hands and start worshipping God and his presence will fill your room.”

“Wow!“ Jeff shouted. “That’s what’s missing in my church. The fire. The fire John the Baptist spoke about in Matthew 3:11. We need the manifest presence of God in our church. It should be a habitation for God’s glory. In his glory there is no time, just eternity where miracles are birthed. We need the revelation of being given the supernatural power of God to live an overcoming life to do the mighty works of God. This mighty power is not just for a select few, but for every Christian that will receive it by faith. No wonder I felt such a void in our church. No fire. No glory. No manifest presence of God. No miracles. No joy. No peace that passes all understanding. We’ve had the knowledge of the scriptural promises of God, but no revelation of them.” Jeff began worshipping the Lord, crying out to God for the fire to fall. Then suddenly the fire of God fell in his room with the power of God knocking him to the floor. The fire of God began to surge through his body like electricity, like liquid love. The fire began to burn out those things in his life that had kept him from being the bold sanctified disciple God called him and all Christians to be. The besetting sins, the emotional hurt received from his alcoholic father that had produced in him such a horrible inferiority complex, all were gone. Even the lack of forgiveness he held toward his father was gone. The joy of the Lord flooded his soul and Jeff would never be the same.

From that day forward, his passion for souls to be saved was ignited. Driving down a street, he would begin weeping for souls as he prayed for their salvation. In stores, malls, parks and wherever the Lord led him, he shared the love of Jesus Christ with people, allowing the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins. Then he would lead them in a simple prayer to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If they were sick, he would lay hands on them and God would instantly heal them. And now, like never before, he had a great hunger to read, meditate and assimilate God's Word. Jeff was definitely on fire for God.

Knowing his pastor and church were not ready for a great outpouring of God‘s power, Jeff interceded for them through prayer and fasting. Through intercessory prayer he was able to tear down the blinding religious strongholds that kept his pastor and church from walking in the supernatural. God honored Jeff’s faith-filled prayers and visited the church with a mighty outpouring of his glory, baptizing the pastor and the congregation with Holy Spirit power, fire and love. This outpouring of God resulted in a revival that caused the Christians in the church to repent of their sins and get right with God. Eventually, the entire congregation was on fire for God and everyone, young and old, were sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those in the community and beyond. Salvations and miracles both inside and outside the church walls became commonplace. This church revival resulted in an avalanche harvest of souls being saved through God's free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. And these new "baby" Christians were not left as orphans to struggle on their own, they were discipled by caring mentors. So like other like-minded Christians, they too could bear much fruit, bringing in the harvest of souls.

Amidst all the happenings in Jeff’s life, he never forgot Michelle. One Sunday after the church service was over, he asked her to lunch and she accepted. On the way to the restaurant she asked him a question.

“Jeff, why did you wait so long to ask me out?“

“Michelle, I wanted to ask you out the first time I saw you.”

“Why didn‘t you?”

“No confidence and a misplaced identity.”

“No confidence and a misplaced identity? What do you mean?”

“When I received the Holy Spirit baptism of power, fire and love just as you and the rest of our church received, God’s fire purged me of many carnal and detrimental things, including a lack of confidence. God replaced my fears, anxieties and lack of confidence with his unconditional love. God’s love casts out fear and generates confidence. And I realized my confidence and identity were not to be found in my attributes and accomplishments, but they were to be found in Christ’s attributes and His and the Father's accomplishments.

"One of God the Father's greatest accomplishments was in creating fallen man anew in Christ. As it is written in Ephesians 2:10, "For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Michelle, our lives are to be hidden in Christ and when people look at us, they should only see Jesus manifested through us, for He dwells in our hearts by faith. We are to die to selfish and carnal desires, giving all the glory to Christ for what He does through us to advance God’s kingdom. His desires are to become our desires. And in Christ, everything becomes new. ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new,’ as written in 2 Corinthians 5:17. So, I found my confidence and identity in Christ.

“Now you’re complete in Christ?”

“Yes and so are you. As Christians, we are heirs of our Father God and joint-heirs with Christ and He is our inheritance. Everything we need is found in Christ: eternal life, reality, peace, joy, truth, love, wisdom, power, boldness, holiness, righteousness, the blessing (anointing to prosper, power to get wealth), redemption, sanctification, justification and supernatural faith for the impossible.“

As the days went by, the relationship between Jeff and Michelle grew until one day he proposed marriage to her and she accepted. Jeff thanked God for the message the pastor preached on television about the importance of converting head knowledge into revelation knowledge through meditation on God's Word. He thanked God for the baptism of power, fire and love that cleansed him of all unrighteousness, enabling him to serve God in power, fire and love unhindered by the flesh. He thanked God for Michelle and for his confidence and true identity found in Christ.

The End

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This story may be reprinted or used freely, but it must be in its entirety including the author's name: Philip C Jones.

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Want Mountain Moving Faith?

The Lord gave the following words to a Christian to speak out loud. The Lord encouraged the Christian to declare these words often until they became a reality in his heart. And of course the more time you spend declaring these powerful words,the quicker the results.

"There is no lack of faith with me. If I were to come to the end of my faith, then the Father gives me the very faith of Christ and it is impossible for me not to believe."

Hollywood Intermission

by Philip C. Jones

Nothing but blue skies and white fluffy clouds over Hollywood as Robert drove down Melrose Avenue. Life was good and he was loving it. His latest movie production was a box office success and he was in demand. The press wanted him, tv talk shows wanted him and magazines wanted him. But just for a moment he thought of all his producer and director friends. He knew most of them were still struggling, driving expensive cars they couldn't afford, in debt, looking for that big break to end the hurt. But not Robert, his days of poverty were over, no more creditors.

He was on top now and was going to stay there. Nothing was going to stand in the way of Robert Beltron. He had stepped on a few toes along the way, but business was business. He didn't mean to hurt anyone. It was a tough world and sometimes you had to bend the rules a little if you wanted to get to the top. He felt bad about some of the things he'd done, but he'd sooth his conscience with acts of kindness toward friends and family. Occasionally he'd even go to church with his wife and two children and drop a twenty in the plate.

Then it happened. A Ford pickup ran a red light and broadsided him, ejecting him out of the car, killing him instantly. When he opened his eyes in hell, great fear and horror gripped him. He couldn't understand why he was in hell. He was a professed Christian. Although he never led a soul to Jesus Christ, he did go to church with his family every Easter Sunday. He didn't read the Bible, but he could say he owned one. He loved his wife and children. Why was he in hell?

The stench in hell was like a pile of rotting corpses smoldering in sulfur. Smoke and flames were everywhere. Rats running all over the place. Large anaconda-like snakes slowly slithering here and there. Deafening were the screams, cries and wails of the damned. The flames scorching his body created excruciating pain, like being strapped to a giant hot griddle.

Like an Ingmar Bergman movie, thoughts and images from the past began to race through his mind. Though married to a beautiful woman, he saw how he had lusted after other women. He saw himself cheating on his tax returns and lying to people. He saw himself refusing to forgive his father-in-law who wouldn't help him when he was down and out. He saw how lukewarm he was concerning the things of God, with little or no desire to seek and know his Creator. Never once did he mention Jesus Christ to his friends, fearing he would offend them if they were not Christians. He saw how his desire for fame and fortune had such a stronghold on him. It became clear to Robert why he was in hell.

Suddenly a dark figure appeared. It was huge. The lizard-faced creature stood there not saying a word, but just stared at Robert. The creature's piercing yellow eyes filled with hate. Then the thing seized Robert by the throat and threw him to the ground like a tiny rag doll and while he lay defenceless on his back, the beast clawed and ripped away at Robert's chest. Robert's screams for help were useless as the ten foot scaly monster hissed and roared out obscenities, condemning Robert for his hell-bent sins.

"You idiot. You unforgiving, money scheming wretch. Fame and fortune were your idols. God was always down the list of importance to you. You miserable conniving liar. Lusting after women when you were married. Looking at a woman with lust in your heart is the same as if you were committing adultery. Didn't you know all Christians that are liars, thieves, unforgiving, idol worshippers and adulterers end up here? You'll never enter the gates of heaven. You fool, you thought you'd buy your way out of hell by dropping a few bills in the church plate. What a hypocrite. What a phony and a lukewarm Christian to boot. Hell is filled with lukewarm Christians like you. You're here to stay."

Becky, his wife, had been informed of the automobile accident and rushed to the hospital. The doctors were doing everything they could to bring Robert back to life, but with no success. She waited in the hospital corridor on a bench praying as tears streamed down her face. And then God spoke to her.

"Becky, in John 20:23 I've given you the authority to forgive sins. Ask me, your Heavenly Father in Jesus' name to forgive Robert of his sins. Then go into that room, lay hands on your husband and command in Jesus' name Robert's spirit and soul to return to his body and I will heal him and raise him from the dead."

Although Robert was never a regular churchgoer, Becky was. She had been going to a very conservative church where there was little outward display of emotion toward God. If you said God spoke to you and told you to lay hands on your dead husband and He would raise him up, the minister would have his ushers quickly escort you out the door. Becky was confused. Were these her own thoughts telling her to go lay hands on her husband or was this really God speaking to her? Up to this time, she had never heard the voice of God.

Becky believed God could do the impossible. Her grandmother was sent home with terminal cancer. The doctor had said there was no hope, but when the elders of her grandmother's Pentecostal church came to her grandmother's home, anointed her with oil in the name of the Lord, had her repent of whatever sin she had commited that brought on the cancer, cast the demon of cancer out of her and prayed the prayer of faith, God raised her up.

So Becky continued pleading to God to heal her husband and to bring him back to life, all the while trying to ignore the "words" she heard earlier concerning laying hands on her husband. Then the doctor came out in the hallway to give her the news.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Beltron, we did everything we could. He's gone."

As the doctor tried to console her, God spoke to her again.

"Ask me in Jesus' name to forgive Robert of his sins and go into that room, lay hands on your husband and command in Jesus' name Robert's spirit and soul to return to his body and I'll heal him and raise him up."

"Doctor," she said, "I believe in God and I think He has spoken to me to go and lay hands on Robert in Jesus' name and God will raise him up."

"Mrs. Beltron, I understand how you feel, but please know those are just your own thoughts telling you to do this. When we have something devastating happen to us, our minds can conjure up all kinds of impossible things. Robert is dead and only a miracle could bring him back."

"That's right Doctor, only a miracle could bring him back, but God is the God of miracles. Is Robert still where you left him?"

"Yes, for the moment."

Becky excused herself and the doctor watched her walk away, feeling sorry for her.

When she entered the room where Robert lay on a stretcher, a nurse came over to her.

"The doctor tried everything," the nurse said.

"Yes , I know."

Becky pulled back the sheet covering Robert's face and looked at him. Compassion welled up within her as she stroked his hair. Then she layed her hands on him and said with boldness, "I command Robert's spirit and soul to return to this body in Jesus' name."

Robert opened his eyes.

The nurse standing there gasped, yelled in fright and ran out of the room. She had never witnessed anything like this, a dead man coming back to life.

Soon there was great commotion, nurses running down the corridors responding to what they had just heard. When the doctor arrived he immediately began running tests, amazed Robert was alive with former broken bones perfectly mended, lacerations gone and everything perfectly whole.

After some time, examining x-rays, double checking everything, the doctor was convinced Robert was sound mentally and physically. He told Becky that Robert could go home.

After the release papers were signed and all was done, Robert and Becky began walking down the hospital hallway to go home when the doctor called to them. They both stopped and turned around as the doctor caught up with them.

"Mr. Beltron, your wife is a blessing. I admit I never put much value in prayer, but I do now. I know God is still in the miracle business."

"Thank you Doctor for your concern and all you did," Becky said.

As they drove home, Robert described his time in hell and said he would never be the same. With the Lord's help he would live a life pleasing to God, warning people of the importance of receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, living a holy life and putting God first. When they arrived home, his children knowing he had been in an accident, greeted him with much joy and love. He was grateful to be back.

The End

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This story may be reprinted or used freely, but it must be in its entirety including the author's name: Philip C Jones.

Beautiful Encounter

by Philip C. Jones

Josh walked over to his loft window and stood there for some time
watching the red-orange sun retire behind the New York skyscrapers. The many vehicles and pedestrians far below streamed back and forth to their evening destinations. A helicopter with its blinking red lights landed on the roof of a tall building. Josh turned and walked over to his desk and took from the desk drawer the portrait photo of a woman. He sat down, eased back in his leather chair and looked at her image. His eyes began to moisten and then the phone rang.


“Josh, you comin’ tonight?” asked his author friend Richard.

“You mean the book publisher’s party?

“Yea! You didn‘t come to the last one. You‘ve gotta come tonight.”


“You'll find out when you get there. My wife‘s waiting for me in the lobby downstairs. Gotta go. Be there!”

Josh didn’t want to go to another publishing party, even though he was a published author. He never seemed to connect with any of the other writers. Was he asking too much to talk about something other than their latest book? Lately, his thoughts went beyond writing a best seller and making a boatload of money.

“Well,” he thought, “maybe tonight will be different.”

Josh walked over to the closet and pulled out a few things to wear to the party. The trumpet from Miles Davis' CD played softly in the background while Josh put on a black mock turtleneck and charcoal grey sport coat. He checked out his six foot frame in the mirror as he combed his thick black hair. He looked fine. He splashed on his favorite cologne, shut off the music, turned out the lights and locked the door. He got on the elevator and descended.

Outside it was too cold to be standing around. He hailed a taxi and was glad the cabby spotted him. He got into the heated taxi and headed for the party. The dark wet streets from an earlier shower reflected the colored lights from the passing theaters and shops. Both he and the cabby were silent most of the way to his destination, 23rd Street.

It was good the cabby wasn’t a chatterbox because Josh didn’t feel like talking. He wasn’t just in a quite mood, he was in a depressed mood. He and his wife had divorced three years ago and today he learned through a friend she had just remarried. He knew he shouldn't feel down, the last embers of love had long gone. He must throw away her photo, it only conjured up hurtful memories.

“What a drag,” he whined to himself as he looked out the cab window.

“But,” encouraging himself, "I’m still young. Life goes on. Perhaps tonight I’ll meet a woman, a beautiful woman."

“This is it,” said the cabby with a strong Irish accent as he pulled up to the

Josh paid him the fare along with a nice tip.

“Thanks, have a great evening,” the cabby said with sincerity.

Josh walked into the grey stone apartment building and took the elevator eight stories up and got out. He could hear the noise from the party down the hall as he walked toward the door. He knocked and rang the doorbell and it seemed like forever for someone to answer the door. The man answering the door was a large obese man with gray shoulder length hair and a bushy mustache. Josh recognized him from an earlier publisher’s party. His name was Mike and he wasn’t a friendly person.

“Hello, Mike,” said Josh.

Mike didn’t say anything, but slowly turned and lumbered away.

Josh smiled, shook his head and headed for the snack and drink table. Once there, he started chatting with an older woman who wrote books on where to shop for designer shoes and handbags in Europe. As he conversed with her, he scanned the forty or more people in the large loft. He noticed five new faces.

“So, what do you write?” asked the friendly senior woman munching on a piece of celery.

“Mystery novels.”


“Yes …I”

Josh didn’t mean to ignore the older lady, but someone, so gorgeous, so beautiful, just walked through the front door and she was alone. His heart started pounding.

"So this is why Richard insisted I come," he thought to himself.

“Have you ever tried any other genres?” asked the "designer shoe and bag" book lady.

“Huh? What’d you say?”

“Have you tried other genres?”

“Well, I ah, would you excuse me?”

Josh momentarily felt bad about being so rude in cutting short the conversation with the nice older lady, but he knew he had to move fast. Already a number of single guys, like sharks, were closing in on the extremely attractive new female arrival. He had never seen her at any of the parties. Somehow, someway, he had to meet her. That would be a challenge with all the single guys competing for her attention. But maybe she was already married and was just waiting for her husband to show up. He hoped his hypothesis was wrong.

The first strategic thing he set out to do was check her ring finger, make sure she was not married. He would never go out with a another man’s wife. Not that he was so morally righteous, he didn’t want to get shot.

She was a natural blond, looking as if she just stepped out of Vogue magazine. What a beauty. Josh casually meandered over to where she was talking to two men and a middle-aged bleached blond woman with a yorkshire terrier in her arms. Fortunate for Josh, the woman with the dog recognized him from a former book party.

“Josh! Publish your book?"

“Yes,” answered Josh.

“Have you met Susan, she‘s new on the block?” asked the bleached blond mediator.

“I’m Josh West, nice to meet you,” he said expressing as much charm and warmth as possible.

“I’m Susan Thompson,” she answered.

She had blue eyes. He glanced at her ring finger. No wedding ring.

“I assume you’re an author too,” he said wanting to continue the conversation.

“Yes, I write Christian children’s books. How about you?’’

“Mystery novels,” he answered with all the wind gone from his sails.

He politely managed to excuse himself and walked away grumbling beneath his breath.

“Why did she have to be a Christian? Why couldn’t she be an atheist or at least an agnostic? I will never, ever get involved with another Christian woman. I don’t care how beautiful she is. I don’t care how attracted I am to her. Those two years of courting Marilyn, my last girlfriend, were not fun. Being a morally strong Christian, she insisted we abstain from sexual intercourse until after we were married. Yes, I loved her, yes, she was beautiful, but nagging, nagging, constantly nagging me to go to church. I told her I was an atheist. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. The abstinence, the dragging me to church was too much. I had to end it. No, I'll never allow myself to get into a relationship like that again. I must have lost fifteen pounds during our courtship. Irreconcilable differences? Yes, big time."

But Josh was attracted to Susan Thompson. She was everything he liked in a woman. Physically beautiful, velvety voice, obviously very intelligent, but she was a Christian. He was not going to give into his feelings and pursue her. But looking in her direction, he caught her eye and she smiled at him warmly.

He melted.

“What am I going to do?" he thought. "She likes me. If only she was an atheist. If only I was a Christian."

She had moved on and was talking to a small group of writers as they discussed the large colorful abstract painting on the wall. Josh had returned to the food and drink table.

Thinking to himself, "Ok, I don’t believe in God. But I'm not so closed minded that if God would jump out of a closet and say, 'Here I am,' perhaps I could be swayed. God, if you exist, have Susan come over to this food and drink table and dip one of those tortilla chips in the guacamole."

Josh waited five minutes, ten minutes. Then like a dream, Susan walked over to the table, smiled and dipped a tortilla chip in the quacamole.

At that moment, every argument he had ever used for the non-existence of God flew out the window. But before he went any further with this, he wanted more assurance. What if her coming over and dipping that chip in the quacamole was just a coincidence. It could be. A tall well dressed male admirer of Susan came over to the table and began conversing with her.

"Here's my chance," Josh thought. "God, supposedly you can perform the impossible. Have this man standing beside her excuse himself and leave the party. And yes, have her comment on my black mock turtleneck sweater. It would take a miracle for this man standing next to this beautiful woman to suddenly decide to leave her. And why in the world would she comment on my mock turtleneck?”

Someone’s cell phone started ringing. It belonged to the tall well dressed man talking to Susan. The man excused himself and headed for the front door. Must have been some sort of emergency or something. Then, like out of nowhere, Susan turned and asked Josh where he got his mock turtle.

“Oh, this mock turtle? It was given to me by my aunt on my birthday. She knows I like mock turtles.”

Nothing spiritual like this had ever happened to him.

Josh questioned inwardly, "Why after all these years would God decide to show up."

Then he flashbacked a few years when his aunt told him someday he would leave behind his atheistic past and receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. She told him God answered her prayers. At the time he thought she was just another misled religious fanatic hanging onto a myth. She had been praying for his salvation all this time. Now God had manifested the answer to her prayer. Josh was now a believer.

Josh looked at Susan, picked up a chip, dipped it into the guacamole and ate it.

"You know Susan, this quacamole dip is really good."

"Yes, I know."

The End

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This story may be reprinted or used freely, but it must be in its entirety including the author's name: Philip C Jones.


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Sunset Interruption

by Philip C. Jones

A retired school teacher was driving his '87 silver Mercedes along the California coastline when suddenly he had a heart attack. He grimaced and reached for his chest. The nearest hospital was fifteen miles away. He stepped down on the accelerator and the speedometer quickly went passed seventy.

Driving just ahead of him was a man named John. He was cruising in his red Corvette convertible along the California coastline enjoying the golden sunset as seagulls darted and glided over breaking waves. Glancing in his rearview mirror he saw the man in the '87 Mercedes drawing very close. The heavy oncoming traffic was making it impossible for the man to go around so he began to tailgate John. John couldn't pull over to the right lane, it was under construction and he was not going to speed up and break the law. No, the man would just have to back off.

However, he didn't back off, but continued to tailgate John.

"What's his problem?" thought John.

The man began to blow his horn. This was John's day off and he was not going to let this driver ruin his day. Surely he would back off, but instead he began to tailgate John even closer, still blaring his horn.

"Idiot! Back off!" screamed John.

Finally, there was a gap in the oncoming traffic and the man gunned his engine and proceeded to go around. This was John's opportunity to really let him have it when suddenly the words "love and forgive" flashed across John's mind. John had heard that voice before and knew to love and forgive this man would be the right thing to do, but it wasn't going to happen, not today. With great fury, John verbally blasted the driver as the man drove past and sped away, exhaust fumes trailing.

John returned his attention to the coastline with its sea birds, breaking waves and sunset, unaware the erratic speeding driver now barely in view was having a heart attack. Only by the grace of God the man in the '87 silver Mercedes reached the hospital in time to live another day.

The End

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